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Lady inserting a contact lens

Contact Lenses...

Contact lenses today can provide a whole range of benefits for eye health and convenience.


We aim to provide the widest range of contact lenses, comprehensive aftercare and affordable options to our community in Douglas.


All of our contact lenses are fitted by a qualified optometrist and sourced from top lens manufacturers so that we can make sure your lenses provide you with optimal vision and comfort.

Before you are fitted with contact lenses, we have to confirm you are eligible to wear them and determine which type of lens will be best for you.


Your contact lenses assessment will do just that: your prescription will be calculated, eye measurements taken and eye health assessed. All of this information and any lifestyle details you provide us with will be used to fit you with contact lenses that are right for you.

Contact Lens Assessments

happy young woman wearing contact-lenses

A Wide Range of Contact Lenses Available

A wide range of options helps us to fit contact lenses that suit our patients’ specific needs.


Our range includes lenses designed for eye conditions like dry eye, myopia and astigmatism as well as lenses for bifocal and varifocal vision.


Within these categories, you can choose how often you would like to dispose of your lenses and whether you would like to use them occasionally or all the time.

Young woman correctly holding a contact lens

Contact Lens...
Aftercare and Advice

Aftercare is just as important as your initial contact lens assessment.


Through aftercare appointments, we can check that your prescription is still correct, make sure your contact lenses are helping your eyes to stay healthy and discuss any issues you’re having with your eyes.


They are also a great opportunity for you to learn about advancements in contact lens technology that could be beneficial for you.

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